Music is a real passion and I couldn't imagine living without listening to it. Hip Hop is even more than that, it's a culture born in the late 70's and made by very creative personalities. Deejaying, dancing, graffiti, beatboxing and rap are the main ingredients of this movement.

I started to listen to my first rap albums in the mid 90's, and since then my interest for the entire Hip Hop culture became more and more important. In fact, the more you know about the roots of the movement and the pioneers, the more you want to learn about it. It's like you start from the center of a web spider and then you expend your knowledge trying to connect everything.

 Here is my humble "work in progress tribute" to this culture. It will continue to grow as long as I'll have a camera in my hand. A never ending story made by the connections, the concerts I go to, the parties, the events, and the few years of photography I have in my bag. I hope you'll enjoy the photos!

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